How Lots Of Countries Now Blocking Access To Torrenting Sites.

It might be more challenging than usual to visit and use torrenting sites in countries like Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, and China. The governments in these countries have strict rules against using torrents. Moreover, some countries, like Japan and Germany, may get you fined if you download illegal content through torrenting. 

But, how do these countries block access to torrent sites?  Continue reading to find out more about this particular topic.  

What Is Torrenting?

First, you should know more about torrenting to understand why some regions go to great lengths to block torrent sites. 

Torrenting is the process of transferring and sharing files through a peer-to-peer system. Usually, if you download a file from the Internet, you’re getting the said file from a server. However, you’re acquiring parts of the file from different people through torrenting. Using torrents is like putting food on your plate as you browse around a buffet table. Perhaps, you’ll finish when you fill your plate with food. When it comes to torrenting, however, instead of food, you’re going to get pieces of the file you want to download from other online users.

Torrenting Sites Blocking

The Problem With Torrenting

Perhaps, the main concern about torrenting is its relatively unrestricted access. Since the files aren’t in a dedicated server, it can be quite challenging to crack down on illicit activities on the Internet. In other words, people can upload or download relatively any file, provided they share the file in the torrent site’s network. Hence, some countries go to great lengths in blocking popular torrent sites to help mitigate the spread of illicit online activities. 

Unblocking Torrent Sites

Blocking one path on the Internet may open new opportunities for others. One case on point is the act of blocking torrenting sites. Governments that block torrenting websites may trigger online users to create backdoors to access these portals. For example, one way to unblock LimeTorrents is by using a VPN. 

A VPN or virtual private network is like a special detour for your connection to reach a particular site. This service also masks your connection so the Internet’s watchful eyes won’t immediately detect your online activities. However, several VPN services now exist, which makes it relatively challenging to choose the right option. You can check here to know the best VPN to use for torrenting.

How Do Countries Block Torrent Sites?

Countries Blocking Torrent Sites

  • Country-Wide Restrictions 

Some countries require local Internet service providers (ISPs) to employ geo-restricting software. These programs block access to specific websites when they detect certain IP addresses.

Perhaps, one excellent example is ‘The Great Firewall of China.’ Note that it can be highly challenging to access certain websites in China. These sites may include (but aren’t limited to) Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. This digital firewall also blocks file sharing portals, including Pirate Bay. 

The software detects your device’s IP address and its connection and will block access if you attempt to visit restricted websites. You may attempt to use torrent site alternatives but only do so if you completely understand the risks involved. 

  • Privacy Concerns

Certain countries also use software to block access to torrent sites when online users access websites with specific keywords. For example, if you search for ‘torrenting websites,’ your browser might not direct you to your search results. Instead, you’re going to see an error on your screen, showing that it blocked access because of legal reasons.

  • Online Censorship

Several torrenting sites, including Pirate Bay, tend to have virtually no restrictions on the type of file you want to share. Therefore, some countries block Pirate Bay and other torrent websites to help reduce the number of young users accessing explicit content.

  • Massive Or Complete Internet Shutdown

Some extreme cases may call for a complete Internet shutdown. In other words, people in certain regions may not access torrent websites, let alone the rest of the Internet.

These severe conditions may come from many causes, including civil wars and other times of unrest. Perhaps, one of the reasons is because it’s quite easy to share information online. Torrenting may also increase that convenience as torrent websites make it relatively convenient to share various content online. 


Countries like China, Portugal, and Japan make it challenging for the average online user to access torrenting sites. However, it’s possible to take advantage of certain solutions, such as VPNs, to unblock these websites. But, you should always be aware of the risks involved. VPN companies and other software developers aren’t responsible for your actions if you get caught by the law for illegally accessing torrent websites.

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