How to hide your number when you call someone on iPhone

There are some times when, for whatever reason, you want to call someone but do not want that someone knows your number . For example, when you have to call someone you do not know for work with your particular mobile or when you call a company and do not want it to stay with your mobile. It is something that can be achieved with most carriers and phones, and iOS is no exception.

Let’s start with the easiest method: dial the number to call hand, and with the code “# 31 #” (without the quotes, and if you live in Spain) at first. For example, if we call 666112233, would mark # 31 # 666 112 233. The owner of that number will call him a “hidden number”.The problem with this method is that not all operating permit and the code may change depending on the country where we are, but iOS is another way to do it.

How to hide your number from the preferences of iOS:

From your iPhone, go to Settings . There, we go to the section Phone , and find the optionĀ Show caller ID . If you disable them, whoever receives our calls may know our number.Notice that this change applies to all calls while using the code can do to convenience.

If you see the Display Caller ID option appears locked and you can not turn it off, then one of two things: either your mobile operator does not allow you to have this option or you have to activate it manually by contacting customer service. Cast also setting out the operator that you have set, and stablish that is correct.

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