How to make Apple Watch Icons larger on the HomeScreen.


We know what your troubles are and we are here for you to find their solutions now in this article what I’m going to tell you will be very useful for you if you are the Apple watch user and as many of our readers complained to tell the solution of what to do if you press on one icon and some other option opened because of the smaller size of the icons or larger thicker size of your fingers or whatever the reason may be we have the solution for you by following these steps you can make your icons to appear large enough for you to press.

All you have to do is follow this simple guide given below to Make Larger Apple Watch icons on your home screen, There is no direct option to do it but you can still do it with the help of this trick which is given in the simple guide below .

Step no 1 Go to the settings

Step no 2 Tap General

Step no 3  Tap accessibility

Step no 4 Toggle reduce motion option


Once you have done these steps you will notice the icons gets larger on your Apple watch home screen and now that you can tap them easily than before. They might not look fancy anymore as they looked before when they were small but now you can open what you tap on by only tapping once and not expecting that another icon might get opened as you expected before.

The good news is that you can do the same process through the iPhone Apple watch application, either way you do the result would be the same and your icon would get big enough for you tap on them easily. The larger the Icons will be, The easier it will be for a user to tap on the right icon when needed.

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