How to set Power Saving mode on Apple Watch.


Apple watch is the Apple’s new invention that is worn on the wrist and is used to control your mobile device accessing it over the Bluetooth, giving an ease to access your mobile device without physically touching it, so it is very clear that this watch must handle a lot of stuff that needs to be done with your apple device  and for that it must be having a great battery backup because you probably won’t be satisfied if you need to charge it again and again like your traditional mobile device that needs to be charged every 12 hours.

To increase the battery backup of your Apple watch you need to keep it in power saving mode and it should be just like dead and can only let you see the current time unless you need it to do some activity on it this would surely increase its battery backup, or else you can always go for an external pocket charger but power saving mode is more convenient that Apple calls “power reserve

In this guide we will teach you how to set Power Saving mode on Apple Watch to let it function for a longer period of time and let it standby for longer time without any recharge. This is the step by step illustration of how to put your Apple watch in power reserve mode.

Step no 1.

First things first, grip your Apple watch on your wrist.

Step no 2.

Press and hold the side button placed at below of the digital crown.

Step no 3.

Now you will see three options and those will be “power off” “power reserve” and “lock device”.

Step no 4.

Swipe toggle on the right from “power reserve” option.

Now, that you have turned on power reserve mode, you can only access the current time and you can obviously not access your mobile device over the Bluetooth. To turn on your Apple watch once again into a Smart watch you need to follow these steps.


How to Put Apple Watch in Normal Battery mode:

You need to restart if you want to go back to the normal smart watch mode. Follow these steps in order to get the full options out of your Apple watch

Step no 1.

Grip your watch on your wrist.

Step no 2.

Press and hold the side button.

Step no 3.

Release it when the Apple logo appears.

Hope this guide may help you in Saving Battery of Apple Watch and to let it powers your watch for a longer period of time. This will also let you get more usage with a single charge.

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