How to solve Nexus 7 Slow charging and battery drain issue.

Nexus 7 has been regarded as one of the best Android tablet with the stock Android installed on it and the price tag of $199 attracted even more users. The 2nd Gen of Nexus 7 tab that has been released in 2013 was an upgrade to the previous version of the tab. This upgrade comes up with a larger battery injected under the back cover with the 3,950 mAh capacity to power the device for longer period of time.

But for most of users this larger battery didn’t worked quite well and they start experiencing the battery drainage issues, with the full charged battery lasted not more than 8 or 9 hours. The situation becomes worst when it starts taking much longer to recharge the battery. So today we will look deep into the matters of how to solve this issue of battery drainage and make your Nexus 7 tablet to charge at faster rate. One of the major causes of the Nexus 7 slow charging is the new KitKat 4.4.2 update that drains battery. Through this article we will guide you how to deal with such issues. Solution for fix lagging, slow response and crashing of apps will also be provided.

Before going into deep details first understand the basic term Cache Partition Wipe. Cache Partition Wipe store temporary data and frequently used to access application more quickly and efficiently. It actually causes your apps to run fast. When you open an app it runs fast because you have saved data in cache. Have you ever thought how is it possible when you are playing games on your Smartphone’s and you press the home button and whenever you open it again it will resume from the same place, The only reason behind is that you have saved it in cache. Storing too much data in cache can be inefficient, especially when you don’t clean it daily. This will results in phone hanging, slow charging, fast battery drain etc. Periodically clearing will make your Nexus 7 go smoothly.


How to Fix Nexus 7 Slow Charging and Battery Drain Issue:

In order to cache partition wipe appropriately you need to access recovery mode on your Nexus 7. Follow these given steps:

Step1: Switch off your Nexus 7.

Step 2: To access recovery mode press and hold power button until the Google logo appears on the screen, after that press volume down button while still pressing the power button.

Step 3:  Use volume up and down button to select recovery mode.

Step 4: It will address “No command” on the screen for only 20seconds which is quite common.

Step 5: To prompt the recovery menu keep holding the power button and press the volume up key and then free both. Recovery menu will prompt now.

Step 6: Now select wipe cache partition to fix Nexus 7 from the recovery menu.

Step 7: Using volume down key for 3 times and then press the power button and select it.

Step 8: When the process finish, now select reboot your Nexus 7 system.

Note: It’s important to keep one thing in mind that if wiping cache partition doesn’t work you have to select factory restore option because it’s more advance and wipes everything including application. After following all above instructions if your Nexus 7 still have the battery drainage issue and it still doesn’t charge faster then the only step remains valid here is to replace the battery of your Nexus 7.


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