How should a student choose the right headphones for distance learning?

Today’s schoolchildren and students had to urgently switch to remote learning. For the development of educational materials in the new conditions to be as effective and comfortable as possible, high-quality equipment is required, including a headset (headphones with a microphone).

Why it is worth taking their choice seriously, what criteria to consider when buying, and which models to pay special attention to, we will tell you further. The right technical equipment makes it easier for students to focus and be successful at College, however, academic writing may still be very hard to master. It is easy to solve this issue since students can pay for essays online and get high grades effortlessly.

Best Headphones for Learning

Why do I need a headset in the process of studying?

When school or institute classes are held online, a computer or laptop turns into a substitute for an entire school or university and you can take part in classes from almost anywhere: from your apartment, cafe, or even from a park bench.

But often you need to get headphones for this, so that the sounds coming from the laptop do not annoy others, and, on the other hand, so that the student (student) does not interfere with concentrating on his studies. Therefore, in modern conditions, it is important to buy good headphones for studying. It depends on how easy and comfortable the learning material will be absorbed.

When buying a headset for a schoolboy (student), it is worth paying attention to the main criteria first of all.

The fit. You have to spend a lot of time in headphones, so it should be comfortable in them. Otherwise, it will be difficult to concentrate on studying and a feeling of fatigue will quickly arise. It is great if the material with memory was used in the production. The correct headband with the possibility of adjustment will allow you not to get tired, even if the headphones are not removed for hours.

Model. It is better to choose overhead or full-size ones that are more suitable for long-term use than the rest, and do not harm the ears. If we consider only overhead and full-size headphones, it is worth choosing the second option.

Sound design. For those who need to ensure reliable sound insulation, it is recommended to choose models with a closed design function.

The presence of wires. Which headphones to choose – modern wireless or traditional wired, depends on your preferences and what device is used for the study (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Similarly, the question of buying a model with or without a microphone is solved.

Suitable models of headsets for study

For convenience, to make it clearer which headphones are suitable for training, let’s look at some examples from different lines of JBL, the leader in the global acoustics market.



This is an overhead model of a wireless type with a Bluetooth connection and a sufficiently powerful built-in battery that provides continuous operation without recharging for 30 hours. The headphones are designed specifically for children, equipped with special ear pads and a soft hoop, which allows you to use them with maximum comfort. The package includes a built-in microphone.



These full-size headphones are equipped with a noise reduction system, which helps not to be distracted from studying. The connection is wireless based on Bluetooth technology. There is a built-in microphone. The duration of operation without recharging with noise reduction turned on is 15 hours.

JBL Quantum 300

JBL Quantum 300

This headset was originally developed as a gaming headset. But thanks to its characteristics, it is also perfect for studying. These headphones are comfortable thanks to memory-effect ear pads and a lightweight headband. The microphone is a folding type.

JBL Live 650BTNC

JBL Live 650BTNC

Among the advantages of such full-size headphones as an accessory for study, noise reduction, lightness, softness, and long-term operation without recharging (up to 30 hours) can be distinguished. The package includes a removable cable with a microphone and remote control. The voice assistant function is supported.

In recent years, manufacturers of household appliances and electronics have been actively ridding their products of unnecessary wires. For many products, wires are now needed only for charging.

This is very convenient because it is enough to hold the device near the outlet for some time and you can continue to use it for its intended purpose.

This fate has not bypassed headphones of various formats. They, like any wireless gadget, need to be charged periodically. And the rest of the time you can listen to music while studying in the library, jogging, walking in the city, before going to bed, etc. For a student, this is a good option, because it is very convenient to use them.

But is everything so rosy? If wireless headphones are so cool, then why are their wired counterparts still on the market? We can figure this out by comparing them and considering the pros and cons of each type.

Comparison of the main parameters

Both wired and wireless headphones have their advantages and disadvantages. Now we will compare the main parameters to make it easier to choose the appropriate option:

Convenience. According to this criterion, wireless headphones win, of course. What is the lack of wires worth? Let’s say you went to the library to study a little and turned on the music, but the wires and the smartphone lying on the table are bothering you. You constantly monitor your movements so as not to hook the device. With wireless headphones, these problems will not exist. If you go out for a run in the evening after class, the absence of extra wires will play in your favor. And in untangling the wires, which are intertwined like boiled noodles in a plate, there is also a little pleasant. In this regard, wireless headphones are much more comfortable.

Price. Here, of course, the advantage is on the side of wired headphones. They are much simpler than their Bluetooth counterparts, which affects the cost. The cheapest wireless headphones are about five times more expensive than the cheapest wired ones.

Autonomy. You have to pay a price for any convenience. In this case, it is expressed in the cost and the need to constantly monitor the battery charge. Bluetooth headphones are completely discharged in a few hours. This leads to the fact that their charging becomes a daily ritual. And if the battery capacity is small, and you like to listen to music all the time, then this will be a huge discomfort.

Safety and security. If wired headphones fall out of the ears, they will not be lost. If a small wireless earphone falls somewhere in the grass, then you may never see it again.

Durability. With careless use, the wires often break, the plugs break. Due to this, wireless headphones benefit in durability.

Fans of wired models like to point out that Bluetooth headphones have worse sound quality. But, this is not quite true. Good speakers and a stable wireless connection solve this problem.

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