HTC First won’t show up in UK markets. A Decision made by Facebook.

HTC First, HTC Facebook Phone

Most of the Facebook fans have been waiting for the official Facebook phone for years, but than Facebook comes up with the HTC First claiming to be the first Facebook smartphone, which became a huge disappointment  both for the company and for the fans who really wanted to have a Facebook loaded smartphone.  But things went wrong soon after the launch of this Facebook launcher injected smartphone which was launched at AT&T for $99.99, but within a month the company have to put it for $0.99 to get the interest of it’s customers. 


The disappointing sales results in United States have made HTC not to show it’s HTC First to the UK markets. However in some cities the pre-orders have been taken but those may be dealt with some cancellation procedure or may be the customers will be converted with some other cool offers from the carriers. That will surely add some more insult to the injured reputation of the first ever Facebook loaded smartphone.

However one thing’s for sure that the launch of HTC First for UK will simply never take place in near future and the reports shows that this rude decision was made by Facebook on its own, while HTC has nothing to do with it. So for all Facebook fans and the users who think that the HTC First was still good for them have to wait for someone putting it for sale on eBay or other online stores to grab one.

HTC first, HTC facebook phone, Facebook phone, HTC first facebook phone, HTC 1st

Nobody likes to blame Facebook for this as their experiment for this smartphone went horribly wrong. The AT&T did it’s best to keep customers interest in HTC First, by slashing the prices from $100 to $1 but still no one seen ready to test this device. And that made AT&T to think about stopping the sales of HTC First altogether. We have heard recent rumblings across the tech sites about this decision.

HTC first, HTC facebook phone, Facebook phone, HTC first facebook phone, HTC 1st

The Facebook phone wasn’t quite welcome by the world as it seems that the customers were not ready for such a device. But aside from being a Facebook-infused thing, the HTC First is also a decent mid-range device, yet it seems like not many people took that into account. As for Facebook Home, the software running atop Android – it’s also available for other phones. And not many people are happy with it, if you go by the comments in the Google Play Store. It feels incomplete as a replacement launcher, because it takes away some functionality that people have been used to having in Android.

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