Huawei sued over the Camera patent issue by ZTE Mobiles.


ZTE and Huawei are two Chinese competitors. While most of us are confused whether these both will conquer the US market, their competition is getting stronger , more over ZTE is planning to sue Huawei for its camera copyrights issues. They claim that Huawei has used their camera technology in their devices P8 and X2 devices.

A few days back , Huawei propelled new smartphones which they call P8 and the second one is X2. The company claimed among many exciting options they had and an excellent camera.

ZTE on the other day announced on Weibo that it would sue Huawei for its two camera copyrights which Huawei used in their mobiles without their permission. ZTE also published the two letters which their lawyers sent to Huawei for the same camera copyright issue the copyright technology they used was “Imaging and Mobile terminal tech” and “Slow Shutter and Capture technology”. ZTE is sure that Honor X2 has used their technology but they are not sure about P8.

“Nubia phone camera technology has been committed to research and development, and has started to obtain the relevant patents, we strive to promote the development of innovative technology to the mobile phone industry. Faced with a large range of Huawei Technologies Co., plagiarism, we felt it was time to stand up and use the law to maintain order in the industry healthy competition,” ZTE explains.

Soon after ZTE declared they will prosecute their rival, Huawei replied both camera copyrights are essentially standard procedures which are used in cinematography. Also, they said the technology, which was used on both smartphones, Huawei P8 and Honor X2 belongs to the company. Huawei added “consistently advocated the protection of intellectual property.”


We’ll appreciate if the disagreement can be resolved without reaching the court. When it comes to P8 which was propelled a few days ago, the evaluations are outstanding, particularly when it comes to camera, display, and design.