iOS 7 jailbreak for iPhone 4 is on the verge of release.


The iPhone 4 seems to be the best toy for Jailbreakers because of its A4 chip which is quite easy for the developers or Jailbreakers to inject their tweaks in it. The other fact is that this iPhone 4 is the only iOS 7 device with this A4 chip so we already were expecting this to happen. The credit goes to the old Jailbreakers who have exploited the LimeRa1n bootroom.

A recent tweet by BigBoss in their twitter account @bigboss has claimed that the Jailbreak for iPhone 4 running on iO7 is ready to be unleashed in coming weeks. On further contact with the Jailbreakers the site has confirmed that it will be the tethered so there isn’t a whole happy hunting news for the iPhone 4 users who have upgraded to iOS 7.

However the best part of this news is that iPhone 4 users on iOS 7 will be the first to get the Jailbreak and obviously they will get the Untethered version early as well. All other iOS 4 users wether they are having iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 or the newly announced iPhone 5S and 5C have to wait more. The 1st Jailbreak for all devices may be spotted some where in October.

iOS 7 Jailbreak

The original Tweet text  on the BigBoss account reads:

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