iPad Mini 2 expected to show up late this year, no reports about the Retina Display yet.

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After the remarkable sale figures achieved by the iPad Mini the fans are hoping a better upgraded version with better specs. The hopes remain true as the developers of the cupertino company are working on the iPad Mini 2 for some time now and we are getting some authenticated leaked images and reports regarding the process going on.

The current reports emerged when the Supply chain sources claimed that the iPad Mini 2 will be made available later this year with some new change to the design of the current 7.9-inched iPad mini. But there isn’t any hint of Retina Display to be included in the upcoming iPad Mini.  The reports that emerged on a Korean blog Digitimes  claims that the design of the iPad mini 2 will be slightly updated as compared to the current iPad mini but there is no such reports of Retina Display to be added.

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The future iPad mini 2 will be much more thinner and lighter in weight and will have a smaller bezel which makes it look bezel free as compared to the current model. A performance boosted processor with some additional RAM is also expected in this upcoming iPad mini 2. The production of the device is expected to start late in Q4 of 2013. We have already read about the delay in the manufacturing process which will effect the production of it’s elder cousin the iPad 5.

The expected retina free display of the iPad mini 2 will be composed of a 7.9-inch screen that has the resolution of 2048 x 1536 p. However the idea of making it almost Bezel-free will make it look smaller then the iPad Mini. The device will most probably show up with the launch of iPhone 5S or the most talked about Budget iPhone which will be compose of cheaper material. We hope the device pops up early, stay tuned and follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google + to get the latest news about the iPad mini 2 and other Apple products.iPad 5, next iPad, New iPad, iPad original, iPad 2013, Future iPad, iPad launch, ipad 5 launch, iPad 5 price (9)

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