iPhone 6S Video leaked showing the design and board of the device.

iphone6s_chips_leak3 (1)

iPhone 6S rumors are all over the place as the release date is approaching near you can see and hear more about the upcoming and most anticipated iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Luckily we have found a leaked video from a well known and authentic source MacRumers showing the build quality and tear down inside of the device.

You can see the device as partially oriented functioning iPhone 6S, We have all the images and leaked video of the device showing a better camera lens for the device. The most talked about feature for the upcoming device is the Force Touch which has been regarded as the most important innovation for the upcoming smartphones. We expect to have the same features coming for the Android devices as well, since we have Samsung ready to follow the Apple’s path on every new tech.


However we have yet no proof of the Force touch showing up in this leaked video of the structure and chips assembly of the iPhone 6S.



Meanwhile we have the rumors of the iPhone 6C coming along with this iPhone 6S.

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