How to play MKV Video files on Samsung smart TV.

MKV to Samsung TV

Today we are here with an old issue of lack of support for MKV video files on Samsung Smart TV, or any Samsung TV which has support for external video source. The issue rises as the Operating System being used in these TV’s only support compatible H.264 MP4 Video format. So you have to get any good video converter, mostly 3rd party apps and then convert these MK4 to the MP4 format.

The bigger question arises here is that, Can Samsung TV or Samsung Smart TV can play MKV files? The answer is Yes, but to some extent. It has been written in description of every Samsung TV model that it can run almost all popular video formats including the *.MKV video file format. But in reality it supports such files only with limited parameters, so in most cases we always have that Media player error when we try to watch a MKV file downloaded on our Samsung Smart TV.

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How to convert MKV file to Samsung TV:

The easiest and most popular way is to convert any MKV Video format file to the Samsung TV Supported H.264 MP4 Video file format. To do so you have to follow this step by step guide.

MKV to Samsung TV

Step 1: Get any good video converter which is useful to convert Video File formats. In this case  we are going for Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 2: Make sure to download and install it on your PC running Windows OS or even on Mac OS.

Step 3: Once done Open the program and select the MKV files you put on your PC.

Step 4: Now you can simply check for the OutPut video format for Samsung TV as seen in the image below.

Step 5: Once done simply click on the convert button and it will quickly convert MKV to MP4 in no time.

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That’s it. Now you can watch any MKV on Samsung smart TV or even on older Samsung TV’s with any built in USB or external memory support.

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