Most Common MBA Essay Mistakes.

Right from our school through to college and university, essay writing is probably something that we do most frequently in our academic life. Despite such a high frequency, we feel annoyed every single time we are assigned an essay. Did you ever wonder why exactly this happened? If not, think about it now or else hire a smart professional case solution writing service.

When we refer to essay writing in MBA, the significance of essay is literally doubled as this carries quite a massive weightage in your MBA program. In fact, most students struggle with essay writing even at this level as well. Here in this article, given the core importance of essay writing, we would discuss a few most common mistakes committed in essay writing at the MBA level and the best possible ways to avoid them.

Understanding the topic well

This is the most common and childish mistake that many grown-up and even smart students make. What they do in their bid to save more time, they just cast an eye over the topic or the question and immediately start writing on it without even comprehending the real crux of the matter which always happens to be a grave mistake.

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So the very first thing you need to do is first of all, read the title once, now read it second time, read third time, fourth and even fifth time if it requires. Now see for any keywords there is the essay title like elaborate, distinguish, narrate, difference etc. Keywords play a very crucial role when the real stage is set for the body of the essay. 

After examining all the keywords, close your eyes and imagine what exactly your examiner wants to know about this topic from you? For example, in a common essay topic that says “ Social media has emerged as a pillar of democracy”. This may seem like a simple topic but what most students would do is write a few hundred words on social media, rest on democracy and end up creating a mess. The examiner here in this essay wants you to argue how deeply social media has helped strengthen democracy by also playing the role of a civil watchdog.

Being too generic is risky

Most educationists and experts opine that passing blanket statements is never a safer option because who knows that the person sitting on the other side of the desk as your examiner may or may not like your statements. He might be the believer of totally the opposite opinion. So even if you need to be pretty cautious but still you cannot afford to be too generic which becomes indigestible for the reader and examiner of course.

Their essay writing is not a mere tool of judging your writing skills and your vocabulary and all that stuff, in fact, the MBA essay is more about exploring your personality as an individual. So the college or the checker would be more interested in knowing your personal views. Until and unless you do not demonstrate those of your personal thoughts, he wouldn’t get to know about your persona and staying so generic would never impress him. 

This is why I try to put substance like some solid examples, quotes by known people that relate to the topic and also make sure to add authentic statistics that cannot be challenged. Adding all of this substance along with references will exhibit your interest and grip over the topic. Stay relevant, never pass blanket statements and back each one of your claims with reasonable arguments, examples and statistics. 

Using way more technical jargon

Most students believe that using such technical words would leave a very positive impact on the reader which might really be the case many times but here in the MBA essay, this is not the case. Most students follow this practice in IT and Finance related essays just to leave an impression that can have a completely opposite impact on the reader. 

Experts strongly believe and opine that such technical and complex jargon must be avoided especially in your essay. In fact every line must be written in a layman’s language, the one that even an average man who has nothing to do with IT or Finance can also understand. This is the key point. 

Robust and comprehensive proofreading.

When you are writing your MBA essay, bear in mind that the selection committee will be looking at your essay as your best effort to get onboard. So they will naturally be expecting the best out of you in order to grab that certain seat or space for which there are many more contestants in the line. Academic writing simply bears no room for typos, grammatical and factual errors at all.

So the last and final point is that once you are done with your essay, make sure that you spare sufficient time for the final proofreading of your essay. Make sure to remove each typo, grammatical or factual error that cannot be established. You can use variou free apps for PC to help you fix these errors.  

These are just a few mistakes that you must avoid at every cost, once you overcome all these common mistakes, you are highly likely to make it through.   

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