Mounjaro Coupon Not Working? Here is the Fix 2023

Mounjaro Coupon Not Working: The famous Tirezepatide (novel glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide) selling under the name of Mounjaro is an antidiabetic medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Since the company has announced a special Mounjaro Saving program, most people try to get the Mounjaro Coupon to get their medication for as little as $25 for the initial 3 months of their course.

However many users face problems in getting this special Mounjaro Saving Program and complain about the Mounjaro Coupon not working in their case. Many users can’t even get the full benefit of the coupon code and waste their much-needed benefits.

So, We are here to give you some useful tips and solutions to let you get the Mounjaro discount.

Mounjaro Coupon Not Working

Reasons for Mounjaro Coupon Not Working

  • Expiration of coupon
  • Ineligible Insurance plan
  • Incorrect coupon code
  • Non-Participating Pharmacy

How to Fix: The Mounjaro Coupon not working

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the Mounjaro coupon app not working issue:

Check the expiration date of the Coupon

The Mounjaro savings card or coupon may have an expiration date. Ensure that you check the date on your coupon to make sure it is still valid. If it has expired, the coupon will no longer be accepted.

Valid Insurance Plan

The Mounjaro savings card is typically valid only for certain insurance plans. Contact your insurance company to confirm if your plan is eligible for the Mounjaro savings program. If your insurance plan is not covered, the coupon will not be applicable.

Check Coupon Entry

The Mounjaro savings card has a specific code that needs to be entered correctly into the pharmacy’s computer system. Double-check that you are entering the code accurately, including any capitalization or special characters.

Participating Pharmacy

Not all pharmacies participate in the Mounjaro savings program. If the pharmacy you are visiting does not accept the Mounjaro coupon, you may need to try a different pharmacy. You can contact Mounjaro or visit their website to find a list of participating pharmacies.

Contact Customer Service

If you have applied all of the above steps and the coupon still isn’t working, contact Lilly’s customer service for assistance. To contact it visit its Contact Us page or call them at 1-800-LILLYRX (1-800-545-5979).

They can help troubleshoot the issue or provide guidance on finding a pharmacy that accepts the Mounjaro coupon.

The simplest way of describing the non-Working Mounjaro Coupons:

  • MD prescribes drug off-label use (weight loss)
  • Pt get a coupon from the website and agree to rules/restrictions (Type II DM)(which they know they’re not)
  • rx receives rx/coupon dispensed at $25 Weeks later rx charged back $1000 and

Tips for using the Mounjaro Savings card

Print or Save the Coupon

It’s a good idea to print out the Mounjaro savings card or save it on your phone for easy access. This way, you’ll have the coupon and its code readily available when you visit the pharmacy.

Keep Your Insurance Card Handy

When using the Mounjaro savings card, the pharmacy may need to verify your eligibility by checking your insurance information. Make sure to have your insurance card with you when you go to the pharmacy.

Be Patient

Processing the savings card at the pharmacy may take a few minutes. The pharmacy staff will need to enter the coupon code and verify the details. Please be patient during this process and allow them sufficient time to complete the transaction.

Mounjaro Saving Program guide from Reddit:

Troubleshooting guide for coupon
byu/SportsmomRN1979 inMounjaro

People still complaining about the coupons not working:

Mounjaro Savings Program Troubleshooting Guide

To mitigate patient affordability concerns and any savings program error messages, ensure eligible patients activate the Mounjaro Savings Program in the healthcare provider’s office before the Mounjaro prescription gets filled at the pharmacy.

Processing the Copay Card:

To process the Mounjaro savings program, ensure the patient has a valid prescription for Mounjaro and the patient meets program eligibility requirements.

Transmit the claim online to RxBIN 018844. Processor requires valid Prescriber ID #, PCN, Patient Name,
and DOB for claim adjudication.

  • Confirm patient has activated the copay card.
  • Confirm patient has commercial insurance and pharmacy is running commercial insurance for Primary coverage.

For Insured/Covered Patients –

Submit the co-pay authorized by the patient’s primary insurance as a secondary claim to Eversana using RxBIN 018844 and using the Coordination of Benefits fields with Coverage Code type 08. This will reduce the eligible patient’s out-of-pocket $25, subject to monthly and annual savings caps for the program.

For Insured/Not Covered Patients –

If Mounjaro is Not Covered by the patient’s ins continue to process the Card along with the patient’s insurance card using the Coord Benefits fields with Coverage Code type 03. This will reduce the eligible patient’s out-of-costs to $25, subject to monthly and annual savings caps for the program.

Pharmacists with questions, please call the Pharmacy Benefit Manager at 1-855-282-4888.
If you are required to do so under the terms of your third-party payer contracts or as otherwise required by law, you should notify the affected third-party payer of your redemption of the Mounjarg Savings Program offer.
Make sure to Check the patient’s primary insurance coverage and submit the Mounjaro Savings Program as secondary.


What is Mounjaro used for?

For people with type 2 diabetes, Mounjaro is an injectable prescription drug used in conjunction with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar (glucose). Whether Mounjaro can be utilized by those who have experienced pancreatic inflammation (pancreatitis) is unknown.

Why is the Mounjaro coupon not working?

Verify that you satisfy all the conditions specified in the coupon’s description. And because of the coupons’ date of expiration, inaccurate or partial information, and their restricted availability, they are ineffective.


Patients must activate a copay card prior to use (Patients can activate the Mounjaro Saving Program by scanning the QR code listed on the Savings Reminder Card or by visiting Mounjan) Cash paying and patients with non-comr8Bial drug insurance (like Medicare or Medicaid) are not eligible for the Mounjaro Savings program.

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