Online Phone Systems and How to make international calls using them for your Business

Whether it’s business or personal reason, you can’t avoid making calls. However, it pinches the pocket a lot. Handling domestic call incurring burden is manageable, but frequent international calls come with the capability to dig a hole in your pocket if you go through the traditional roadway.

The good news is that we have cloud telephony these days. It enables you to make free international calls. All you need to pay is for your plan. Yes, you heard that right. With the use of internet connection, cloud telephony is helping people to make cost-effective international calls.

Cloud telephony – A blessing in disguise

Out of all the technologies taking birth in the wake of digitization, it is the cloud-telephony technology that has brought a revolutionary change in business communication. Instead of using copper-wire based voice signal transmission, your online phone number converts it into data packets using VoIP gateway and transmit it over an internet connection.

Online Phone Systems

The replacement of PSTN based telephony with cloud telephony helped businesses to reduced call incurring charges at both inbound and outbound front. Also, you need not bear the international roaming charges with cloud telephony. It will be free and unified regardless of your location.

Apart from saving you a fortune on call incurring charges, these calling apps also help you reducing operational running costs. With PSTN, you need to spend your crucial business investment on setting-up physical extensions, phone exchanges, equipment, and wiring. The case of cloud-telephony is the opposite. You need not worry about high upfront investment as all the software that you need to run international phone numbers are already deployed in the cloud and managed by the VoIP service provider.

The ease of VoIP calling app

One of the easiest ways to bring cloud telephony at your service is to get VoIP calling app for your business phone number. Almost every leading VoIP service provider offers these calling apps, and you can download it for free. Thanks to these VoIP calling apps, an international calling, which was once a luxury, is now everyone’s cup of tea.

In general, VoIP calling apps work in a below-mentioned manner –

  • PC to phone calling app – This type of app allows you to make calls to any landline phone numbers from a computer and sets you free to own a real mobile device for the job. This type of calling apps is more prevalent in the call center type of work culture where multiple online phone numbers are put at work.
  • App to phone calling app- In this calling app, users are allowed to make a free internet call to any real number from a mobile device. You get an internet phone number with the app and can make calls on landline numbers as well.
  • PC to PC calling app- If you want to make international calls just for the sake of business purpose, then PC to PC calling apps is what you need.
  • App to App calling app- If you are an entrepreneur and handling the business of your own or traveler, then getting an app to app calling app is the best way to make free international calls as it works from your smartphone or tablets. However, the app will not be able to make calls on a landline number.

Online Phone Systems PBX Systems

Once the download is complete, the user needs to set-up an account and connect the data-driven device with an internet connection. As soon as the app is active over a Wi-Fi internet connection, you can make international calls without any other extra added demands. You can either connect to any of the free Wi-Fi connections available in the nearby vicinity or use your own mobile data plan. However, poor voice quality and interrupted connections are some of the critical issues that you might face while you choose the second option.

Each time you make a call, some Mb/Kb of your data plan gets consumed. If you need to make various international calls, then getting an unlimited data plan is an ideal way to avoid any extra billing. Many of the VoIP calling apps requires the calling party and the receiving party to be on the same platform. However, some VoIP calling apps allow you to make calls to the user of any other telephony service provider or even on the landline phone number.

Online Phone Systems free calls

More than calling

You can easily avail VoIP calling app facility as a subscription-based service plan for your business phone number. Depending upon the type of service plan, users can send SMS emails, voicemail, and held a web-conferencing without being worried about the hefty international charges. Your international phone number can also do auto voicemail transcription, call answering, call recording, and call analysis over a single click and sets you free from mundane tasks.

 International calling is not a luxury anymore. You can make endless international calls without being worried about high roaming charges and call incurring bills using cloud telephony. So, shed the tension related to international calling and start focusing on what is more important.

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