Play Snake Classic game of old Nokia mobiles on your iPhone and Android now.


Snake classic game, what a game, I still remember this game and surely if you are the 90’s child you must be familiar to this game, reason behind there was actually no other game for us to play. This game was a revolution as it was one of the first games ever that were introduced in cellphones. All it needed was a small screen with a few resolutions, black and white display. The most simple and the most played game ever. Actually we have memories with this game that we used to play it and it was so addictive that no one could resist playing it. I’m sure after reading this article some of us must have developed the urge of playing this classic game again so you must go and find out that mobile in which this game was built in and enjoy playing it reviving the old memory.

The good news is that now you can also download and play The Snake Classic game  on your latest smartphones include all Android and iPhone devices . The same version of game is now available in our site so you can get the link below and download it and enjoy playing it on your latest smartphone on Android and iOS. The theme is the same as before the main goal was to make your snake big by eating the square that used to blink somewhere random on the screen.

I still remember the tricks some of us use to apply in making our scores more and more by pausing the game just after having a square so that we choose our path to the other square and take that one too without being hit by its own tail. The download links to this game for your latest smartphones are given so just click on them and download the old game a play it while cherishing your old memories.


Download Snake Classic for Android 

Download Snake Classic for iPhone

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