The best 3 new Apps for getting around for Android and iOS devices.


Sometimes the ways that technology can change our lives is completely surprising. As simple as using a cab to get from one place to another is, there are new ways that are making it even easier. Several new apps have hit the market to improve upon your riding experience. It’s a busy world, and everyone hates waiting. It can even be frustrating just picking a company. Although just recently some issues and concerns have been raised on the accident liability of these services, if you’d like to stop stepping onto the street and waving, or waiting in long lines at the airport terminal, here are a three apps that could make a world of difference, one of which could save you a ton of money. So here we go with the best 3 apps for getting around currently available for both Android and iOS device.

1- Uber:

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One of the biggest ride share apps around, Uber was founded in 2009. It allows you to pick the kind of car service you would like. They offer every day cars, taxi cabs, high end sedans, SUVs, and luxury cars. They have one of the longest lists of cities serviced, with 32 in North America. You can reserve your car by text message or with the mobile app, and then can track the cars location while you wait. Be careful, during holidays and bad weather, Uber raises their prices. Very conveniently though, all monetary transactions are done through your phone.

From time to time, Uber likes to have a little fun and get their name out there with unusual promotions. Recently they allowed users to have a kitten delivered to them in the cab, for them to play with for 15 minutes. It cost $20, and proceeds were donated to a local animal shelter.

Uber has been an example of how sometimes tragic accidents can bring about legality questions for new technology. On this past New Years eve an Uber driver in San Francisco struck three pedestrians, killing one. Uber has denied any liability since they say their driver was between fares. In a traditional car service operation, drivers are covered even when driving to and from the garage or waiting for new riders. This has opened a discussion into the insurance situations in regards to drivers and these new ride share apps.


Additionally an Uber cab in Paris was attacked earlier this year. Tires were slashed, and windows broken by taxi drivers in protest over the app companies competition with more traditional car services. In response to the protests, the French government passed a law requiring services such as Uber to wait 15 minutes after a request before picking up passengers. The app is present for all main mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows devices. You can download it from the links below.

Uber on iTunes.

Uber on Google Play Store.

Uber On Windows Marketplace.

2- Lyft:

This ride-share service is currently only available in the United States, with drivers in 19 major cities. Aimed at a younger audience, Lyft tries to make the service about more than just providing a ride. To use the app you must connect using your Facebook account and provide a phone number, along with your credit card information. In a light hearted move, all Lyft cars have a pink, fuzzy moustache on the front.

Lyft considers payments “donations”, and after the cost of the ride is totalled up, a rider can choose to decrease or increase the amount. According to the company, this makes for fares that are on average, 30% lower than competitors.


To ease safety concerns, Lyft is very careful in the selection of it’s drivers by running background checks, performing in person interviews, and requiring all drivers to be over 23 years old. To top it off, any driver with less than a 4.5 rating is dropped from the program.

Of all of the apps cropping up in the transportation world, this one is the friendliest by far. Lyft is present on both Android and iOS stores so you can download it right now from the given links below.

Lyft on iTunes.

Lyft on Google Play Store.


Gett (formerly Gettaxi) is one of the highest rated apps and the company boasts that during peak hours they get a new rider every second. The app is free to download, and like the other two, you can pay for the ride and even tip on your phone with your credit card. They are a start-up out of Israel and not surprisingly a large amount of the cities they service are there, however, recently they have branched out to London, Moscow, and New York, with more plans for the future.


Recently it was discovered that Urber had been setting up fake Gett accounts, requesting rides, and then canceling them in an effort to hurt the rival app. It seems to have backfired though, gaining publicity for Gett, and adding to an already bad couple of months of press for Uber. You can Get this Gett app for both Android and iOS running devices from the given links below.

Gett on iTunes.

Gett on Google Play Store.

Vick Sorot is the owner of the Virginia cab company, MPA Cap. MPA Cap’s airport taxis offer quick and reliable service to and from the Richmond International Airport.

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