Top 7 Apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.


With the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the new screen size and iOS 8, most of the apps are not fit for use on these devices. Since many renowned app developers have released the updates for their apps but still millions of them remained customized for the same old sized 4 inch display. We have enlisted some of the best and most recommended apps in our Top 7 Apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

So you’ve got an iPhone and you’ve inevitably got Facebook and “Angry Birds”, but you may feel you’re not making the most of your phone, or you’re just not sure what the best apps are out there? The app store is full of exciting software from talented app developers that will upgrade your phone for free or just a couple of quid. We have compiled a list of the top 7 iPhone apps to be used on your apple device. Be it a brand spanking new iPhone 6, or on any previous iPhones, or the iPad, these gems are the most useful apps around.

1- Normal: Battery Analytics (£0.69)

Battery drain is every iPhone user’s worst nightmare. It always happens at the worst times doesn’t it? Just got on the bus to work. Battery dead. However, there are ways you can delay the rate at which your battery drains to let your iPhone live a little longer. The reason to why some users battery drains sooner than others is due to what apps they are using. There are various apps that love to hog all the battery for themselves, selfish little apps.

This is where Normal steps in. This handy little app informs you of the worst hoggers on your device. It also tells you how you can get the pesky battery hogs to chill out a bit, but also presents you a chart that explains how much battery life you’ll gain if you delete the app entirely. A few little changes could make a big difference. Let your phone live a happier and longer life on a single charge.

 2- CamDictionary (£3.12, free trial available)

Stuck in a foreign location where you don’t speak the language and all you want to do is find out what on earth the menu says? Then it’s time you got CamDictionary. This extremely useful app allows you to translate between 16 languages just by hovering your camera over text. Life saviour! CamDictionary also can provide you with text-to-speech translations, while also supplying you with Collins dictionaries so you can have a little study yourself. This fantastic app is ideal for ordering at restaurants or finding your way around a foreign city with confidence. It can also simply be for those who love learning more about a language. CamDictionary is a useful app that should be on your phone always just in case there is an emergency abroad. You never know, you may wake up in China tomorrow.


3- VSCO Cam (free)

If you love taking pictures then you must download VSCO Cam. With the recently updated app for iOS 8, you’ll be able to tweak settings such as shutter speed, focus and exposure compensation. Pretty nifty eh? It doesn’t stop there. You can edit your chosen image with the app’s exciting tools, and can adjust the strength of each fix with a slider. Once your masterpiece is accomplished you can then share your masterpiece with VSCO’s community or Facebook and Instagram. This app is great for producing awesome unique photos designed by yourself. It is also great fun just to play around with on one lazy Sunday. VSCO Cam is a great and efficient camera app that deserves a place on your phone.

4- Wikitude (Free)

Tired of going to the same old places in your city and have a hunger for something new? Well Wikitude is the one for you. The augmented-reality app works its magic by picking up on what your camera sees. It can provide you with key information on restaurants, bars and landmarks to help you re-connect with your city and find something new to love about it! To make sure you find the best place to go, there is a setting on the app that searches for the most popular and well reviewed venues or events going on in your local area. The coolness doesn’t stop there. There are also some augmented-reality games that come with the app such as “Alien Attack” to let you play around with your surroundings.

5- Doorsteps Swipe (free)

Doorsteps Swipe is a helpful little app for those looking for a new flat or house. It is said to be the Tinder for real estate as it presents the houses or apartments in a deck of cards that you then swipe left or right to save or pass. This handy app gives you a good idea of what is out there, and you can select the location and prices so you can narrow down your search. Best of all, it studies your swiping behaviour and can then tell you what kind of houses you are veering towards to better help your search. This incredibly useful little app can help you find the home of your dreams. So it’s only fair you give it a home, on your phone.


6- Dark Sky (£2.49)

This is the most precise weather app going. Dark Sky not only provides the hourly breakdown that most weather apps do, but it provides weather predictions down to the minute. Using state-of-the-art weather forecasting, this highly accessible app can show exactly where the storm is moving. Better still, it can send you a notification alert just before it’s about to rain wherever you are. Never get caught in a freak shower ever again! Be prepared for the awkward British weather with this extremely useful app.

 7-Sleep Time (£1.24)

Perfect for someone who has trouble sleeping, this app will help you get a better nights sleep. Sleep Time cleverly uses your phone’s accelerometer to analyse your sleeping due to the detection of movements throughout the night. It offers you a “gentle breeze soundscape” to ease you to sleep and then it begins to detect the different stages you go through. If you’ve been restless during the night the app can change the alarm time so that you won’t be interrupted in your deep sleep and will arise at a time that best suits you. In that case it’s not ideal for those who need to be up in the early hours, but perhaps on the weekends you can give it ago to make sure you recharge your batteries properly. In addition, Sleep Time analyses and compares it’s findings and then provides you with weekly reports to inform you of your sleep cycles.

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