Tweetbot runs out of “tokens” and can not register more users


Tweetbot , Twitter client more popular (and more expensive) in OS X and iOS, just run into a problem that is already responsible for the fall of clients on other platforms: the lack of “tokens” (or places) so that more users to use the program in OS X. The solution ended up being removed from the Mac App Store .

Tapbots has already moved tab and is awaiting a response from Twitter who have used this technique to prioritize their official client over third-party clients. However, as already hinted own engineer Paul Haddad, this may be the death knell for Tweetbot. The developer Todd Thomas, however, believes that there should have reached the limit. Other Twitter clients have been there and have not recovered.

I have no doubt that many users Tweetbot estarĂ©is and lighting the torches. Warning: not all the fault is theirs. Yes, you may criticisms deserve because they launched a Twitter client at a very high price and have almost forgotten to update it giving an image of maintenance and fidelity to the lousy customer … but keep in mind also how Twitter has abused all third-party clients

Broadly speaking, Twitter has severely restricted the use of those customers by imposing limits users and service features only usable in the official client or the web. Its developers, irritated, have ended giving up. And in the end it ends up destroying the ecosystem of third party applications, leaving as “least bad” alternative the official client. Users just by installing chanting “what remedy” , good news for Twitter tweets as well as promoting reach more people.

In definita, Tapbots may have done things wrong in terms of price and performance to its users. But the one to point the finger by the withdrawal of the application for Mac is undoubtedly Twitter . I am pessimistic, but fingers crossed for this to be resolved somehow.

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