Two Operating Systems For ASUS Book Trio.

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The ASUS company continues to penetrate the market with its regular hybrid developments. And one of such developments has been presented at Computex 2013 recently. This is where Jerry Shen, who holds the post of CEO of the company, demonstrated a tablet called Transformer Book Trio among many others new gadgets.Its distinguishing feature is that it works on two different operating systems at once, which are Android and Windows.

What is it all about?

 His name speaks for itself. Transformer Book Trio can be used as a laptop with OS Windows 8, a desktop computer running on the same OS, and a tablet with OS Android. The device easily moves from one operating system to another.

 First, it may seem that the device is very similar to Transformer Book, if not to take into account its 16-inch screen, a 1080 pxl resolution and two operating systems of course. Similar to the famous Transformer AiO, this hybrid has a special hardware button, which makes a transition between two operating systems easier. But it must be mentioned that this button works only when the device is connected to a docking station. If you are not connected, the tablet works on Android Jelly Bean only.

To ensure the work with Windows 8, the device is equipped with Intel Haswell Core. But for the Android Jelly Bean functioning there is a Intel Atom Z2580. Moreover, this tablet has two batteries. Transformer Book Trio can work in about 15 hours in a battery mode.

As you can see, ASUS has demonstrated a unique product of its kind. Transformer Book Trio case has a metal facing. Its supply to the market is expected to start in the third quarter of this year.

 Well, this device seems really unique for the market. We’ll see what a reaction of users will be when it appears, but it is worth trying at least once, isn’t it?


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