Official iOS 8 logo reveled today.


iOS 8 is on the verge of release in the coming Apple’s very own WWDC 2014 as the logo has been reveled today on the large sign boards for the preparation of the event in San Francisco. The event is scheduled on Monday June 2nd and Apple seems to be ready to announce their most anticipated gadget the iWatch too which will be made integrated with this future iOS 8 version of the OS.

The hall at Mascone Center is ready to host the coming Apple event where the developers at Apple are ready to showcase their future OS alongside with the latest Apple gadgets. Though there are some news that the iOS 8 beta versions will be released for iOS app developers on early stages and then it will be made available for users running the older iOS 7 version. In the upcoming Keynote we expect the authorities at Apple to announce the features for the latest OS for Apple devices the iOS 8.

Although we can not pin point the latest features packed in the up coming iOS 8 but there are reports that this latest version of the OS will contain new features for Apple devices including the iTunes Radio app for the Apples streaming music services. Including this the developers have made an app for the health which is most probably integrated with the iWatch. The idea for such a feature was first announced by Samsung in their Galaxy S4 smartphone which was later refurbished with the release of Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 with the release of 2 gadget watches alongside the smartphones.

So we can say that this iOS 8 Healthbook will be the main feature of the iOS 8 allowing users to measure their heart rate, blood suger level and other main aspects of the health including the healthy diet, fitness level as well.

Watching the iOS 8 logo it is assumed that Apple like to remain in touch with the older fonts although they have elongated them to look more modern. There are reports that the iPhone 6 which is expected to show up in coming weeks will have this latest version of OS the iOS 8.  Here are some more images of the iOS 8 logo at the preparation of the event.



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