Apple to limit NFC usage to Apple Pay on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Finally Apply introduce the most anticipated NFC feature for their Apple iPhone 6. However the authorities at Apple didn’t  believe in  letting their users to get full use of this feature as compared to the Android smartphone users who have been using this built in feature in many Android devices currently. Apple limits the use of NFC to their newly announced Apple Pay service on iPhone 6.

Apple Pay the mobile payment solution introduced by Apple with the release of iOS 8 on iPhone 6. This feature will use the NFC feature that has been added on the latest iPhone as well. So this is a red signal for the third party app developers as they will not be able to make new apps integrated with this newly introduced NFC feature for iPhone 6. Moreover this NFC chip will be available in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only, other devices with the iOS 8 will also lack these features.

This is as same as we have experienced with the Touch ID Sensor’s introduction for iPhone 5S and it remained with that device only. The users of iPhone 5S can use it only for purchasing the apps available on iTunes store. This Apple service, Apple Pay will be ready to be used in United States after the update will be made for iOS 8.



This service will be made compatible for Visa, Mastercard and American Express Debit and debit cards. The services will be made public by registering over 220,000 retail stores from all over United States. However we hope that Apple will allow third party app developers to get their payments for their apps.