Can You Make Money Betting On Esports?

Esports came a long way in the past decade and some people think that they should be a part of the Olympic games. This is a very common statement considering how much audience certain games bring. It’s expected to happen in the next decade because the regulations are very rigorous.

It’s a billion-dollar industry and another bigger industry has its eyes on it. When you can have nascar odds on plenty of online betting websites, why shouldn’t you be able to bet on Esports? Every sport now has the opportunity to be a part of the gambling industry and this may be one of the best opportunities to make money.

Sports To Bet On

A lot of professional gamblers started to move from popular sports to those that have fewer bets. NASCAR is known all around the world but compared to basketball, soccer, and football, it gets much fewer bets globally. This means that there will be less attention to it from the bookies.

Money ESports

A disadvantage is that there will be fewer options to bet on but it can be easier to get valuable information. Esports games like FIFA, League of Legends, and Dota are some of the most popular and you can find them in every sportsbook that has an Esport section.

Another very popular sport to bet on is table tennis because it finishes very fast and it’s quite easy to find out which player will win if you follow the sport. This also depends on what you like because if you love Nascar and you know drivers and cars, it’s more likely that you will make a safer bet.

Betting On The Worse Team

One of the advantages Esports has over other sports is the odds which are not perfectly set compared to soccer. Sometimes, the odds on a worse team will be higher than 4.00, but they would win because it’s hard to win every game from the aspect of the best team.

A good tip is to follow these teams that are in the middle of the bracket and bet when they win a couple of games. A very common thing that happens is that popular teams fall behind at the beginning of the season and make a huge comeback.

This is a great opportunity for you even at the start of the season because things like changing players and having new trainers are a huge deal. Focusing only on one game can be a good idea but you will have enough time to follow multiple games.

Follow Everything Available

When you look at soccer, you will be overwhelmed by the number of available games to gamble on. But, there are only a few when it comes to gaming and those have a few options you can make a bet on. So, it’s very beneficial to follow everything that is going on so you can have more things to bet on.

There are occasions when a few favorite teams will play on the same day where you can double the money. It’s crucial to have a betting strategy even for Esports because without discipline and consistency it’s very hard to make a profit.

If you already love gaming, you can only get a bit more statistical and find more information about the teams that will help you make a safer bet. One of the best things to do is to follow the latest news and players. They tend to expose themselves a lot online which you can use to your advantage.

Esports News Is Very Valuable

Following the news can give you enough insight into upcoming games so you can make a great bet. A lot of the players will stream on a daily basis and you can easily figure out which team they don’t like.

With this information in your hand, try to find a website that has multiple betting options. Most of them will only have an option to bet on a home or away win. But, the most profitable bet you can make is how many matches will be played if they play best of 3 or best of 5 depending on the game.

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