Nexus 8 Images and specs pooped up in new leaked info.


The Nexus 7 has been one of the most sold Android tablet and its predecessor the Nexus 7 2013 got the same ranks among 100’s of different Android tablets which have been made by different companies. So after such a success for the Nexus 7 designed by Google and built by Asus we were expecting yet another version of the tablet in 2014 but the developers at Google decided to introduce the Nexus 9 which is a 9 inch tablet manufactured by the HTC.

But now we have something really interesting happening backdoor, and somehow we got the clue with all the leaked images and specs sheet of the future Nexus 8 tablet which will be the flagship tablet by Google and might be announced in JuneĀ 2015.

According to the leaked reports that the tablet that the Google are ready to reveal in the upcoming Google I/O Annual developers conference is the Nexus 8 tablet which has all the main upgraded specs of the Nexus 7 while it will inherit the same design as seen in the previous version of the tablet. The Nexus 8 tablet have been reported to have a Octa Core 64 Bit processor which will be supported with the 3 GB of RAM and moreover an Adreno GPU to enhance the graphics performance for heavy gaming apps.

There are some more leaked reports that suggests that the Processor will be the same Qualcomm chipset, most probably the Snapdragon 410 or the later model to be inserted inside the device. There are some of the images of the device has been already leaked as claimed by some recommended sources that this is the actual images of the Nexus 8 tablet to be announced by Google in the upcoming I/O event.



The images you see above are said to be of a Nexus 8, but one which is inside a protective casing which is intended to keep prying eyes from seeing its actual design.

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