P0sixninja claimed that he has discovered exploits for the next Jailbreak.

If you are a regular user of iOS devices than you surely want to listen some Jailbreak news about the upcoming iOS7.  After Apple tapase security holes that hackers had used to make your successful Evasi0n Evad3rs theme Jailbreak most of the Apple users start talking about the tough security measurments being used for the feature iOS. But there came another hacker who claimed that this little dark that Apple has closed can also be accessed yet and he is quite confident that he found the button which will reopen the doors to thousands of tweaks available at Cydia. 

Joshua Hill as known as “p0sixninja” has said on Twitter that he has discovered a number of vulnerabilities in iOS 6 can still be exploited to perform the Jailbreak to devices, even with version 6.1.3 that covered the holes Evasi0n advantage. Specifically announcing it this way, ” Well, so far it seems that the next Jailbreak can be created completely by me. “


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P0sixninja announces that it has found a way to Jailbreak devices with the latest version of iOS 6

Of course it is much important to mention that ps0sixninja didn’t showed the tools yet and he’s still busy in making some online statements yet. Hower he has claimed to publish his toolkit in coming days when questioned about the hacking tools by his followers on twitter.  

As Evad3rs group also stated that the team has some “tricks” to revive reserved Evasi0n jailbreak, but now that Apple is closing the failures that use to perform this procedure, it would make sense to wait until iOS 7 is available, and it will be out by the end of June or early July.

Anyway we have still wait and let see what they decide about the hackers and what the hackers will  decide to do with Apple’s most anticipated next iOS V7. 


This is the tweet:




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