Top 10 Android Zombie Games For Die-Hard “The Walking Dead” Fans. [2014]


Has “The Walking Dead” awoken the zombie hunter in you? Are you looking for games that enable you to do battle with the undead? Then look no further – enjoy this list of the top 10 zombie games available for Android! The list we prepared has all the flavors of a best first person shooter to the most strategic zombies games ever.

If you are the one who want to kill some Zombies while laying on your couch with your Android smartphones in your hand then you are at the right spot. We have prepared a list of lesser known Zombie games that you might not heard much but these are included in the top zombies killer games for Android devices.  So Without further delay, let’s get started!

  1. Age of Zombies

As if the thought of hordes of humanoid zombies lumbering towards you wasn’t terrifying enough, this game sports a time travelling element that will enable you to encounter zombie dinosaurs – including the fearsome T-Rex.

Fear not though, you’re equipped with a formidable arsenal of rifles, grenades, chainsaws and more to help your character, Barry Steakfries make it home in time for dinner.

  1. The Walking Dead Survival Test

This game offers you the opportunity to answer questions on your favorite AMC show and find out which of the key character best matches you and your chances of survival.

It’s quick, easy and fun, and a great way to see how you stack up against your mates.


  1. Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning (FREE)

This game sees you take on the role of Shane Walsh, small town cop and actual character from the show. Essentially, this game is a choose-your-own-adventure saga where you negotiate a series of choices and ultimatums in a bid to survive and find others who can help you.

The graphics are somewhat cartoonish, but nonetheless rich and vibrant and there are plenty of potential scenarios to explore, making for a good afternoon’s entertainment.

  1. Contract Killer: Zombies NR

Developed out of the original Contract Killer format, this game sees you take on the task of defending your team from an onslaught of zombies as they gather supplies and free fellow civilians from impending doom.


It retains the familiar format of sniping your targets from a vantage point rather than getting stuck in on the ground, but there’s plenty of highly explosive weaponry to ensure you get plenty of action first hand.

  1. Zombie Dash

Mario Bros meets Temple Run in this fast paced side scroller situated in Zombie City. The aim of the game is to guide your perpetually running character through a series of challenges and traps, shooting the occasional zombie to free up a path. As you progress, your weapons will become more powerful, but your undead foes will get more clued up as well, so watch out

Zombie Dash   Android Apps on Google Play

  1. Zombie Booth

This is a quick and easy way to find a cheap laugh – simply download Zombie Booth, activate it and take a snapshot of you or your friends. The app will transform the person in your image into a horrifying zombie, and what’s more if you dare poke it with your finger, the creature will try to take a bite out of you! Meanwhile the Zombie Booth 2 is also out now you can download it from here too.

  1. Stupid Zombies

An obvious riff on Angry Birds, this game sees you fire off bullets and have them ricochet around levels and structures in a bid to wipe out zombies in the most economic manner possible. You’ll get better as you progress, but you’ll need some serious ingenuity to beat 720 levels of zombiefied puzzles.


  1. Zombie Golf Riot

Neighborhood hit by a terrifying zombie apocalypse? Cheer up – this game shows that even the walking dead themselves are always up for a spot of golf.

The aim of the game is simple: just swipe left and right to swing your chainsaw club and decapitate your zombie companions, scoring points according to how far the heads fly.


There are also bonus points for hitting key targets like road signs and pitchforks, affording plenty of sporting glory.


Grab a gun, tune into your local radio station to find out where the action is and then join 13 million other zombie apocalypse survivors in a bid to fight back against your undead oppressors.


This game features an extensive storyline and frequently added content to deliver a gaming experience worthy of a console title, let alone an android app.

  1. Dead Effect

As an elite member of Unit 13, you awake from your intergalactic hibernation to find the other pods on your ship are all empty and murderous horrors are prowling the corridors.

Fight your way through a 5-hour campaign using an array of weaponry and a unique ability to slow down time, all in a bid to salvage what you can of a space mission gone horribly wrong. Plenty of gore and great graphics are sure to keep you hooked in the long run.


Try them all today and enjoy the zombie games featured here. Charlene Sampilo is a tech/gamer blogger of – an  the online gamers’ hub where you can find all the latest and upcoming online games and programs.

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