iPad Air 2 Pops up with Apple Pay and Touch ID.


After the release of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is ready to unveil their next iPad Air 2. But even before the release some images and specs details have been leaked all over the web. The most talked about features that are most expected in the future iPad Air 2 are the Touch ID and the Apple Pay support for the device. Surely these are the most anticipated features for the iPad Air fans.

The Apple Pay feature leaked with the code string that reads: ” Pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.” This code string was discovered by a developer Hamza, who was working for their new apps after he downloaded the new iOS 8.1 beta version for developers. Apple also want to add their finger print scanner; Touch ID feature for all its devices. As they have carried on with it for their recently announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Some images of the leaked components have been published by the french blog iPhonote shows some main parts of the future iPad air 2 as seen below. However there is nothing new in these components except the new flex cables shown in the images. But these images shows that the iPad will support the Touch ID features as expected by iPad lovers.

So the surprising facts that Apple omitted the Touch ID from the last years iPad Air and iPad mini 2 Retina are no more here. With all the leaked data we are now much sure that authorities at Apple are ready to launch this fingerprint based authentication technology to their iPads too. With the addition of Touch ID feature Apple will surely introduce the Apple Pay feature in their iPads too. Ever since Touch ID and (in the US, at least) Apple Pay became intrinsic to Apple’s plans, it seemed inevitable that iPad support would follow.


Beside this Apple will also reveal the Apple iPad Pro which is would be the largest iPad with 12.9 inch display. The iPad Pro may also feature the Apple Pay and Touch ID features with the gignatic size. Here are some more images of the leaked components of the iPad Air 2  and the iPad Pro 12.9 inch which shows the Touch ID feature home key as found in the iPhones.

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