7 Best Ways To Use Microsoft Word For Students Besides Just Writing

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool that students can use to write school assignments, reports, and citations. It also has excellent editing capabilities and helps students stay on point with their writing. It is a free and accessible instrument of help anyone can use to write their review, essay, or other papers. You probably think, “I have found a reliable and affordable online service that will write my paper for me, so why learn to use other tools”? The answer is simple – MS Word has many advantages and functions you may not recognize at first sight, so today, we will tell you about them.

This guide is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft Word. Let’s begin by adding a background image that is visible on all pages.

Student Writings

Adding a background picture

First, double-click in the header area (at the top of the Word document), click Insert, choose Photos, then Picture from file, choose a background image, and click Insert.

Creating Flashcards

Flashcards are an excellent way to study small pieces of information. They are handy for people who have to memorize lots of small facts in a short period.

Creating flashcards using Microsoft Word is simple. You need to create a template. Then you can save the file as a Word document. That will make it easy for you to edit and use it repeatedly.

The best thing about making flashcards in Word is that you can share them with others, like students or other professionals. You can easily send a link to them and let others access your cards through any computer or mobile device.

Drawing a geometric shape in Word

First, click on the Insert tab, then on the Shapes button. In the drop-down menu, under the Strokes section, select Free form.

This option allows you to create a geometric shape alternating between straight lines and freehand curves. Click anywhere in your Word document to add sides to your geometric shape. Hold the mouse button if you want to hand-draw part of the shape.

To finish the drawing, return to your starting point and click on it.

Once your geometric shape is finished, right-click on it and click Format Shape. You can change all shape aspects in the right-hand column, such as color and line thickness.

Adding a watermark in a Word document

A watermark is a mark that appears in the background on each page of a Word document. Depending on the case, it can be used to indicate its origin, its owner, its author, its confidentiality, its status, etc.

Whatever your version of Word, the software allows you to add several types of watermarks in the form of text or images, as we will see in this tutorial.

First, you need to click on the Design tab (or Layout tab on older versions of Word), on Watermark, Image option, then click Select Image and click on Insert. Check the Faded option if you want the image to be slightly transparent. When finished, click on OK.

After inserting, you can edit or remove the watermarked image by enabling Edit Title. For this, you should double-click on the top of the Word document. Click on the image to select it and make the necessary changes (or delete the photo by pressing the delete button on your keyboard).


Microsoft Word is more exciting than you think, and you can be creative and explore its functions because many of them can be extremely helpful. We hope this article has engaged you to try new features available for you in MS Word and make your learning process even more enjoyable.

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